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Our Mission and Purpose:

The primary purpose of The Foundation is to support the work of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks (CCO) and nine outreach services.  The central goal is provide funding of 25% of the Council's annual budget.  Historically The Foundation has generated approximately $50,000 annually toward that end.  Donors may designate gifts to the work of CCO as a whole or designate distribution to one or more of the nine outreach services.  The Foundation provides numerous opportunities for tax savings through estate planning and the enhancement of personal earnings while supporting the work of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks. Support of The Foundation helps secure the future capacity of the Council and its operating agencies by building the permanent endowment.  Over five million dollars annually are required to fulfill the CCO mission.

Through planned giving, we can ensure that resources will be used for the purpose of preserving the Council's present programs as well as those that may be needed for tomorrow.  All funds gifted to The Foundation are placed in a trust that generates stable income through prudent and professional financial management and investments, and then transferred to CCO to use for annual operations.  The Funds given are placed in trust, and the principle is not used for daily operations.

Ways of Giving:

Planned or Deferred Gifts allow you to provide support to the Council of Churches' programs and generally offer favorable tax benefits.

Charitable Gift Annuities are life income gifts, established with a $10,000 minimum contribution with a specified income.

Gifts of Real Property are types of estate, personal, recreational, commercial or land property.  Options may include an outright gift, life income gift or life tenancy gift.

Charitable Remainder Trusts allow the beneficiary to receive income for life or for a specified time period.  They further allow property transfers to The Foundation, using either cash, real estate or appreciated assets.

Bequests provide a core of Council of Churches donations and provide funding for annual operations and supporting growth of outreach services.

Securing the Future:

  • Gifts of Life Insurance provide your beneficiaries with two options: (1) make The Foundation the owner, then remove the policy from your taxable estate or (2) take out a new life insurance policy naming The Foundation the owner thereby reducing premium payments from your tax as a charitable deduction
  • Gift of Retirement Plan Assets allows the donor to use tax-deferred assets, reducing up to 75% of your funds that will be left to your family and heirs
  • Charitable Lead Trusts provide assistance over the life of a trust to The Foundation for support of a specific program or for Council of Churches' overall mission
  • Gift of Appreciated Securities are a popular alternative to cash.  They offer many tax advantages and help avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated items
  • Gift of Personal Property entitles you to an income tax charitable contribution and include full market value of the object
  • Donor Designated Gifts are earmarked for a specific purpose and valued according to your will

Types of Gifts:

Unrestricted Funds are often the most desirable.  They authorize The Foundation's Board of Directors to make grants to meet specific needs

Designated Funds provide a stable source of funds by restricting the annual earnings to a specific purpose

Organizational Endowment Funds placed with The Foundation assures the donor that funds remain separate from the operating fund.  Distribution will be made to the organization on a regular basis

The Foundation, Council of Churches serves as a facilitator for the donor's wishes.  All information is confidential.  Our goal is to serve as your agent and a steward of your resources toward the end of maintaining a living will


The Foundation
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