Need Help?

Each of our services is designed to offer help. Click on the links below to get you in touch with the right people to help.

Are you a family or person looking for food assistance, rental assistance (when available), government commodities? (Crosslines)

Are you a foster parent, biological parent working to gain custody of your child or children or caseworker looking for assistance? (Ambassadors for Children)

Are you a low-income senior or a person with disabilities needing essential home reparis? (Connections Handyman)

Do you want to make a report of abuse or neglect at an assisted living or nursing home? (Ombudsman)

Are you looking for a provider of adult daycare for people with disablities or frail elderly? (Daybreak)

Do you need transportation to and from non-medical emergency appointments? (Daybreak)

Are you a single woman looking for overnight shelter? (Safe to Sleep)

Are you 55 or over and looking to volunteer in the community? (RSVP)

Do you want to get more information about the elementary school reading buddy program? (RSVP)

Are you an early childhood professional looking for quality training or do you need help with daycare referrals? (Child Care Aware® of Southern Missouri)

Do you have an in-home daycare that you would like to get included with the reimbursement program for providing nutritional meals? (CCFP)